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About Us

Inspired by the surf, SURFCHIQUE, was started by our founder to bring the wonders of the surf and sea to all, not just to surfers, however we do cater to their needs and interests. You don’t need to surf to enjoy our products, but we certainly hope we inspire you to appreciate the surf, and the wonders the ocean can provide us. We strive to minimize waste (by producing in small batches), focus on recycled/recyclable product containers, & offer sustainable shipping packaging options. We are a firm believer in reducing, re-using, and re-cycling, to help protect our oceans and environment. Check out more about our recycling and sustainability program here.


We’re not just for “chicks”. The chique in our name is more a reference to style vs gender. Chique is actually the French term for Chic, which means cleverly stylish or when something is indescribably and overwhelmingly great. SURFCHIQUE is a one word term that can be used as a noun or adjective. However, we do play up and give a wink to the chique/chick aspect of the name.


Surfers exude a natural beauty and don’t have the time for complicated makeup routines, as they are always in the water and traveling to their next surf adventure.  However, that doesn’t mean they don’t like a little bit of fun with makeup and a splash of color, along with taking care of their skin and hair, and indulging in addictive scents. Our goal is to provide the basics and multi-use products for surf simplistic natural beauty, with a splash!


Our motto is Real.Fresh.Fun

We keep it real.


We don’t really follow trends, we do our own thing. 


Our customers are our priority #1 – although we stand behind our products, we realize not every product will be for everyone. That’s why we even include some of the watch outs for our products in the “inside scoop” section of our product detail pages. We’d rather not make the sale than have an unhappy customer that wants to return a product.


We try and minimize the use of photoshop as much as possible (for human based photography) and plan to feature our real customers on our website images, as we get them coming in (since we’re a new brand). You might see a lot of shots of our founder at first, while we get customer photos in.


We love to give back to causes that align with our company but we don't want to just say it, we want to show it! That's why we use an app like Daily Karma that automatically sends a percentage of our sales for every purchase to charities we align with to keeps us accountable and provides transparency to you on how much is given to our causes for every purchase! Check out more about our giving back program!



We don’t like using fear mongering to sell our products and like to focus on the positive (what great ingredients we use) vs the unsafe ingredients we never have in our products. There’s a lot of buzz words in the industry specific to natural, organic, and clean, and while we will use natural and organic to describe and highlight our star ingredients, we don’t position ourselves entirely around that.


We strive to infuse as many natural (as in closest to its purest form) ingredients as possible and who doesn’t love the sound of things like shea butter and coconut oil vs. chemical names you can’t understand. However, natural doesn’t always mean safe and we prefer to use the term safe vs. clean, as that for us, describes our products. This is a great article that explains more on this subject. Instead of fear mongering, we believe brands should help educate and explain the science behind the ingredients in their products, rather than jump onto a trend to make some easy money. 


In addition, all of our products are cruelty free and not tested on animals. To us, this really seems par for the course nowadays with most beauty/personal care brands, except for the big conglomerates that sell in places like China where they require you to test on animals.


We also have small batches of inventory made to ensure our products are always fresh and aren’t aged from sitting in warehouses for years. Many big, less expensive brands are able to have cheaper products as they manufacture products overseas and in the 100’s of thousands in quantities that end up getting wasted a lot of the time and sold off to discounters or discarded. We don’t like to be wasteful and all of our products are made locally here in the USA!


Most importantly, we believe in getting outside for fresh air. We aim to support causes that help people get outside and be active and healthy and keep our air clean. There’s nothing like breathing in a fresh salty sea-breeze, but any fresh air is better than staying inside all of the time. That’s why our product imagery focuses on the outside nature, specifically ocean, as a surf themed brand.  



We don’t take ourselves too seriously. A lot of our products aren’t truly necessary, they are just simply fun. Take a look at our Sea Shimmer Lip Gloss, it just takes you back to your childhood days first experimenting with makeup, most likely some form of flavored lip gloss – beauty products were about fun back then, not about covering up your imperfections. 


You won’t see any serious and dramatic shots of people using our products as you do with most personal care brands. We want to feature images of the happiness and the pick me up that you can get from using our products.  Let’s make beauty fun!*


*Disclaimer, this was the internal marketing slogan for a new haircare brand that launched many years ago that our founder was working with at the agency she worked at. Just thought it would be fun to bring back, unfortunately, that haircare brand is no longer here in the U.S.



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