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Zoom Perfume Oil Fragrance Roll On - Sand in Your Sheets - with Tropical Aroma of Coconut and Vanilla with a splash of mango and papaya
Zoom Sand in Your Sheets - Perfume Fragrance Oil Roll On with aroma of Coconut and Vanilla with a splash of Mango and Papaya
Zoom SURFCHQUE Sand in your sheets perfume oil with steel roller ball for smooth application
Zoom Sand in Your Sheets with person on the beach
Zoom Perfume Oil - Sand in Your Sheets

Perfume Oil - Sand in Your Sheets

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Our signature, original fragrance!

Take the memory of a tropical surf beach escape home with you with our beach in a bottle fragrance. 

Rich, natural Coconut CO2 and vanilla goodness dominate the mix of this fragrance with a splash of mango and creamy papaya fruity freshness to give you a shot of vacation vibes every day.

Layer with our Surf Bum Butter (that contains this fragrance) for an all day vacation vibe.

Top Notes: Mango, Papaya

Mid Notes: Spicy Vanilla, Coconut

Bottom Notes: Coconut CO2, Vanilla

Perfume oils without alcohol such as ours can last longer on your skin but are more subtle for your personal benefit and those close to you! You can also get the pleasure of their immediate aroma by taking a whiff of the roller bottle without waiting for the fragrance to surface after the alcohol is sprayed.

Our perfume oils are highly concentrated with at least 50% fragrance materials 

Formulated and produced in house without the use of cheaper pre-made fragrance oils/stock oils typically meant for candles/soaps that many perfume oils tend to use that are priced much lower.   

We use DPG as the base for our perfume oils so they are soluble with alcohol so that you can mix our perfume oil with alcohol if you want a spray perfume that can project more and leave a trail of your presence as you walk by! 

This fragrance is base note heavy and therefore in a perfume oil format may not be as diffusive from the skin as in an alcohol spray format. However, we love the oil format for its longevity and so we can carry it around in the roller ball and take a sniff for a pick me up throughout the day.  

10 ml - .33 oz

Fragrance (more details to come as we strive for complete transparency), DPG

All our fragrances are are free of controversial ingredients like phalates/parabens and are also vegan and of course, cruelty free.

All ingredients used within IFRA % limits for safe use in perfumery. However, it's always good to first test our product on a small area to ensure no allergic reactions.

External use only, regardless of how yummy it smells!

Best activated with heat on your body nearby pulse points (behind ears, sides of neck, back of wrist/knees/inside elbows) and after skin is moisturized, for longest wear.

However on top of your wrists is a great placement as well as your nose is more exposed to your wrist as you make hand movements throughout the day.

The name of this fragrance was inspired by the song "Sand in MY Sheets" - from the surfer brothers duo band, The Wheeland Brothers.

Just like listening to a song, taking a quick hit of our perfume oils is the perfect little pick me up for you throughout the day!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
HayLey Lynne
The Name Says it All 🤭

This Sand in my Sheets perfume oil is super cute. I can take it with me wherever I go. There’s no alcohol in it so it doesn’t burn. My skin in the scent is not overpowering. It smells so good. It smells like piña colada on the beach. All my friends have complimented me thinking I’ve changed my shampoo or some thing and I told them no it’s just a little roll-on perfume oil, and they are all so jealous that they’re probably gonna have to buy it now because it’s super affordable. Highly recommend the products I’ve tried so far and I am really interested in some of the other products I’ve seen on the website since this is my first time visiting the website I had no idea there were lip, glosses, and so much other cool stuff to look at Shaka 🤙

CeCe Noyen

Seriously, this perfume oil is amazing and made me feel like I was walking along the ocean all day long.

Riley Piper

I love the smell of this perfume. It's the essence of summer, sun and days at the beach all rolled into one. It's not too strong, but it lasts for quite a while and I love the roll on tube.

Perfume Oil - Sand in Your Sheets

$22.00 Regular price $29.00


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