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Lip Protection and Lip Care Tips – Plus Some Fun Facts about Your Lips

A few interesting things about our Lips

Do you know that our lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body?

Woman and lips

No wonder why putting on lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balm is such a fun, pleasurable experience, it’s a massage for the lips! Our lips 100x more sensitive than our fingertips. They are sensitive because they have millions of different nerve endings. The lips are also much thinner than the rest of the skin on our body as the protective top layer of the skin is (stratum corneum) is much thinner on the lips.  Our lips only have three to six layers of cells in comparison to the 16 layers elsewhere on the body. Lips also don’t have hair follicles which make our skin a bit harder and tougher, therefore lips are softer and more sensitive.

Keeping our lips moisturized is even more difficult to do than our skin because our lips don’t have any sweat or oil glands.

Our lips lack the sebaceous glands that provide moisture for our skin. Our lips only source of moisture is saliva which is why they are more likely to be chapped if not taken care of effectively. An occasional lick of the lips can provide temporary moisturization. However, since saliva contains digestive enzymes that wear down the skin (i.e., amylase & maltase) if done repetitively, lips will end up drier than before.

As we age, our lips get thinner.

Bone loss in the face can make the face look more sunken, so the lips are less supported and tend to roll inward, which makes them appear thinner. A body’s lower production of collagen also contributes to thinning lips.  Over-exposure to the sun can also cause collagen to break down and make our lips look thinner.

Protecting and Caring for your Lips

Protecting your lips should always be the first priority

Applying an SPF lip balm, several times a day, especially when you are outside in the sun or cold wind for prolonged periods of time is essential.  You can definitely get addicted to it and use a lot of lip balm, so look for affordable solutions here!  We offer our tropical SPF30 lip balm free with any purchase, as we believe it is such an essential item!

Continued care will also help the lips stay moisturized, smooth, and help lip color last longer

Using a lip scrub once or twice a week can help those with dry, flaky, and chapped lips to smooth their lips for a longer lasting and more evenly applied lip color. It’s fun to use lip scrubs like ours with a variety of flavors to choose from, just don’t eat it! However, you should only use a lip scrub once or twice a week to prevent from over-doing it.

A lip conditioner and mask, when used nightly before bed, can add another layer of moisturization to your lips while you are sleeping throughout the night and aren’t able to apply or don’t need the SPF in a lip balm. It’s also great to have a moisturizing lip stick or lip gloss with emollient ingredients to keep your lips hydrated when you’re not wearing lip balm, or even more hydration on top of your lip balm.

Thinning lips can also be plumped back up with a swell pumping lip plumper like ours.  They key to plumping up lips is moisturization and a bit of spice to get the blood flowing in those blood vessels right beneath the thin skin on the lips!  It might be temporary, but again, the process of applying our lip plumper to your lips is enjoyable, ours doesn’t sting too much but definitely wakes you up in the morning if you apply it in your getting ready routine! You can also get cosmetic procedures such as fillers done, but we prefer the more natural approach. 

That’s all here, we believe it’s super important to hit the lip with some TLC.  We couldn’t help but bring a surfing phrase to our lip care products.  But the lip of the wave is similar to the lips of our skin, as it is the thinnest part of the wave.  However just because it’s thinner doesn’t mean it’s not as strong, we think it’s much better to hit the lip then get hit by the lip of the wave!


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